When papers stack, usually so does technology, and in turn the organisations that define those processes become as complex as the individuals that define those stacks.

With organisational design formed° from different implements, the singularity becomes possible.

However, the segmented nature of perplexity and the various influences of the groupings designed by their formulators, give nothing but a perspective that does work, when the application happens at the right time, with the right puzzle piece participants.

Beyond Five D

The search for the next dimension is not an easy task; the study of meaning around those dimensions, from an organisational modelling proof, is often a better approach than one might think.

Getting to the real and sometimes correct org, is not where Tyner Group is interested in being in- the destined, with a stratospheric learning curve, albeit with transparent beginning places, is the arrangement of thought, that is best suited for further examination and this invention.


Innovation is the mainstay of the new economy. Not just for corporates, but also for startups, entrepreneurs and partners. Tyner Group delivers a digital brand chain with a strategy for diverse sectors, implementing new content.


We manage these processes, while bringing you the best in field knowledge from visual resources to research that fits your model.


Change happens. With this change, brings new direction in which we can help charter its course and a need for lean thinking that we can apply correctly.


A Scale™ approach to IPR°– the backbone of the over-arching value of a portfolio and the core of what we do. We envision a competitive landscape that creates new Value™ and brings together participants that need new offline and digital assets. While traveling through this portal, feel free to review our yocto, pico, nano and micro Ventures™ and when you're ready, supercharge your assets with the Intangible One intellectual property cloud solution integration. Now employing the Colour™ foresight framework; bridging where the future leads.

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