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About Tyner Group

Tyner Group is a holding exploration that manages web portals for affiliated ventures.

About is an information source and gateway to the website of your local Tyner Group venture or to other Tyner Group ventures. provides information about the Tyner Group and related ventures within the group, together with information about the products and services they offer.

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No offer

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You may not use the Site or any Local site for any purpose which is unlawful, abusive, libellous, obscene or threatening.

The Tyner Group name and its logo and spectrum are trademarks of Tyner Group. The Value™ creation, business model foresight framework, Colour™, Ventures™ (yocto, pico, nano, micro) and the Scale™ approach, and Intangible One product, and Tyner Group Futures elevations, Intangible™ logotype, and °, IPR° (Intellectual Property Rights°), ™ and ℠, are trading styles and intellectual property services trademarks of future, global and glocal provision by the Tyner Group and web portal, and all rights in and to vest in Tyner Group. You may not use or reproduce the Tyner Group trademark, logo, brand name, colour spectrum or other company IP.

Tyner Group network growth

Tyner Group Intellectual Property, or the Tyner Group Holding Exploration and their Ventures, Affliated Ventures and Explorations connected with the following phrase:

“The intellectual property rights and the global intangibility of [a Tyner Group Venture or Exploration] is provisioned by Tyner Group, an imagination universe and property asset portfolio in the cloud generating new market value.”

Are all subject to being growth variables when paired against ‘non – Tyner Group’ Intellectual Property, and the newer manifestations of those IP creations, which have an uncanny resemblance to Tyner Group Ventures and Explorations and their IP and the IPR° as deemed by Tyner Group.

This also signifies that Tyner Group has the right in the event of any unlawful pairing to buyout that Intellectual Property for a nominal cost as deemed by the Tyner Group and own that IP completely as a recourse, or become the rightful owner of that IP outright after due process, to protect the original work created by the Tyner Group Holding Exploration, its ventures and affiliated ventures and, by extension, this Site.

Not intended for children

The Site is not intended for use by minors.


By accessing, you agree to indemnify all authors of digital and physical ‘Ventures’ within Tyner Group and itself, from any and all conflict that arises from your usage and operation of these ‘Ventures’ and this Site.

Governing law

The Terms of this website are governed by, and interpreted in accordance with, the laws of the globe and applicable international laws. Global courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute which may arise.

Local Sites and ventures within are subject to the local laws and courts where each is based.  For further details please refer to the legal statement on the relevant Local Site.

Blockchain law

In accordance with Bill 7363, with the first constitutional vote passed February 14, 2019, and the second constitutional vote passed, February 20, 2019, facilitated by the Chambre des Députés, Luxembourg, legal certainty for actors of the financial circulation of Blockchain securities is confirmed, with a Blockchain framework for protecting the legal affirmation of transactions settled within and around existing and historical distributions of transactions in the legal and financial sector in Luxembourg.

This Luxembourg legislation is the “Digital and Blockchain”, “Blockchain” and “Cryptocurrency” cloud legislated framework that Tyner Group (, within the local, global, and glocal Intellectual Property governance, is bound by, for provisioned intangible goods and services, and information, mostly within umbrella group design in the distribution, technology and organisation industries.


All global tributary incorporations, which form Tyner Group’s intangibility: MNPG Limited (New Zealand), AUOS PTY LTD (Australia), Standard Technologies Proprietary Limited (Australia) and dö Intermediary Limited (Seychelles), and the society (frāctus), determined in Zurich, Switzerland, which caps its integrations, together, form the basis for ʄ, the information factory, with a focus on distribution, technology and organisation, which generates in entirety, its “Ecosystem”: frāctus, Orthodrome, ℝ, Nonce, geografía, Consortium One, and ㇱ, “Trend Multiples” (kvia, Est., dbap, boll and comm) and the ordained ʄ “Logotypecrest”, “Umbrella°”, “Imprint Chain”, and all of the Phonetics, Expressions, Assets, Schemas, Created and Directed by Ian Tyner (

Open and proprietary

With the open and proprietary approach to micro and macro generation, Tyner Group is not completely geographically constrained by the above legal declarations as far as digital and cloud representations of global manifestations, intangible creations, incorporated entities, and innovative formations°. However all jurisdictions named in this online document are reserved in relationship amongst each other, deemed by ʄ and Tyner Group, and the segmental abstractions and realities, all benchmarked by Tyner Group’s intangibility clause, and greater intangible creators, in respect to local, global, and glocal, private and public understandings, of legal, financial, and intellectual property, throughout the entire existence of Tyner Group’s founding and continuing imprints, marks, informations, visuals, and all and any other connected pieces, of intangible value, througought this international initiative.

Tyner Group continuances

To further create as much space for Tyner Group, continuances, of cycled manifestation, both offline and online, are deemed as intellectual property in finality, for flow and exit, and intrigue and innovation.

Which are as follows, with each spatial definition in parenthesis: Defaultwo (Infinities), 3° (Fantastics), Cuatro (Polys) and V (Representations).

These are directed by a medium term view in all variance and capacities.

The Legal Statement for Tyner Group was last edited on November 21, 2018 and was published on August 1, 2016.

The latest amendment for this Legal Statement was last added on April 23, 2019.

Tyner Group continuances were formed April 29, 2019.

Artifice Intelligent Property (AIP) by Tyner Group was manifested May 12, 2019.

Four Stage Alpha, as Tyner Group algorithms for scenario planning, (including Stage One, {[(a)]/[(b)(e^g)(d)]/[(c)]}), with Staircases, was networked as a conception, June 12, 2019, along with additional Imagination universe legalese.

: Tyner Group Limited ( : Space Record : TGL.™TGL.℠TGL.° : īp : ė : The Five Senses



Innovation is the mainstay of the new economy. Not just for corporates, but also for startups, entrepreneurs and partners. Tyner Group delivers a digital brand chain with a strategy for diverse sectors, implementing new content.


We manage these processes, while bringing you the best in field knowledge from visual resources to research that fits your model.


Change happens. With this change, brings new direction in which we can help charter its course and a need for lean thinking that we can apply correctly.


A Scale™ approach to IPR°– the backbone of the over-arching value of a portfolio and the core of what we do. We envision a competitive landscape that creates new Value™ and brings together participants that need new offline and digital assets. While traveling through this portal, feel free to review our yocto, pico, nano and micro Ventures™ and when you're ready, supercharge your assets with the Intangible One intellectual property cloud solution integration. Now employing the Colour™ foresight framework; bridging where the future leads.

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