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The Tyner Group name and its logo and spectrum are trademarks of Tyner Group. The Value™ creation, business model foresight framework, Colour™, Ventures™ (yocto, pico, nano, micro) and the Scale™ approach, and Intangible One product, and Tyner Group Futures elevations, Intangible™ logotype, and °, IPR° (Intellectual Property Rights°), ™ and ℠, are trading styles and intellectual property services trademarks of future, global and glocal provision by the Tyner Group and web portal, and all rights in and to vest in Tyner Group. You may not use or reproduce the Tyner Group trademark, logo, brand name, colour spectrum or other company IP.

Tyner Group network growth

Tyner Group Intellectual Property, or the Tyner Group Holding Exploration and their Ventures, Affliated Ventures and Explorations connected with the following phrase:

“The intellectual property rights and the global intangibility of [a Tyner Group Venture or Exploration] is provisioned by Tyner Group, an imagination universe and property asset portfolio in the cloud generating new market value.”

Are all subject to being growth variables when paired against ‘non – Tyner Group’ Intellectual Property, and the newer manifestations of those IP creations, which have an uncanny resemblance to Tyner Group Ventures and Explorations and their IP and the IPR° as deemed by Tyner Group.

This also signifies that Tyner Group has the right in the event of any unlawful pairing to buyout that Intellectual Property for a nominal cost as deemed by the Tyner Group and own that IP completely as a recourse, or become the rightful owner of that IP outright after due process, to protect the original work created by the Tyner Group Holding Exploration, its ventures and affiliated ventures and, by extension, this Site.

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Governing law

The Terms of this website are governed by, and interpreted in accordance with, the laws of the globe and applicable international laws. Global courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute which may arise.

Local Sites and ventures within are subject to the local laws and courts where each is based.  For further details please refer to the legal statement on the relevant Local Site.

Blockchain law

In accordance with Bill 7363, with the first constitutional vote passed February 14, 2019, and the second constitutional vote passed, February 20, 2019, facilitated by the Chambre des Députés, Luxembourg, legal certainty for actors of the financial circulation of Blockchain securities is confirmed, with a Blockchain framework for protecting the legal affirmation of transactions settled within and around existing and historical distributions of transactions in the legal and financial sector in Luxembourg.

This Luxembourg legislation is the “Digital and Blockchain”, “Blockchain” and “Cryptocurrency” cloud legislated framework that Tyner Group (, within the local, global, and glocal Intellectual Property governance, is bound by, for provisioned intangible goods and services, and information, mostly within umbrella group design in the distribution, technology and organisation industries.


All global tributary incorporations, which form Tyner Group’s intangibility: MNPG Limited (New Zealand), AUOS PTY LTD (Australia), Standard Technologies Proprietary Limited (Australia) and dö Intermediary Limited (Seychelles), and the society (frāctus), determined in Zurich, Switzerland, which caps its integrations, together, form the basis for ʄ, the information factory, with a focus on distribution, technology and organisation, which generates in entirety, its “Ecosystem”: frāctus, Orthodrome, ℝ, Nonce, geografía, Consortium One, and ㇱ, “Trend Multiples” (kvia, Est., dbap, boll and comm) and the ordained ʄ “Logotypecrest”, “Umbrella°”, “Imprint Chain”, and all of the Phonetics, Expressions, Assets, Schemas, Created and Directed by Ian Tyner (

Open and proprietary

With the open and proprietary approach to micro and macro generation, Tyner Group is not completely geographically constrained by the above legal declarations as far as digital and cloud representations of global manifestations, intangible creations, incorporated entities, and innovative formations°. However all jurisdictions named in this online document are reserved in relationship amongst each other, deemed by ʄ and Tyner Group, and the segmental abstractions and realities, all benchmarked by Tyner Group’s intangibility clause, and greater intangible creators, in respect to local, global, and glocal, private and public understandings, of legal, financial, and intellectual property, throughout the entire existence of Tyner Group’s founding and continuing imprints, marks, informations, visuals, and all and any other connected pieces, of intangible value, througought this international initiative.

Tyner Group continuances

To further create as much space for Tyner Group, continuances, of cycled manifestation, both offline and online, are deemed as intellectual property in finality, for flow and exit, and intrigue and innovation.

Which are as follows, with each spatial definition in parenthesis: Defaultwo (Infinities), 3° (Fantastics), Cuatro (Polys) and V (Representations).

These are directed by a medium term view in all variance and capacities.

The Legal Statement for Tyner Group was last edited on November 21, 2018 and was published on August 1, 2016.

The latest amendment for this Legal Statement was last added on April 23, 2019.

Tyner Group continuances were formed April 29, 2019.

Artifice Intelligent Property (AIP) by Tyner Group was manifested May 12, 2019.

Four Stage Alpha, as Tyner Group algorithms for scenario planning, (including Stage One, {[(a)]/[(b)(e^g)(d)]/[(c)]}), with Staircases, was networked as a conception, June 12, 2019, along with additional Imagination universe legalese.

: Tyner Group Limited ( : Space Record : TGL.™TGL.℠TGL.° : īp : ė : The Five Senses

Further Amendments

‘Double Dealing’ clause

Because of Tyner Group’s experience in business, the following: “I’d like to make a deal” or “Lets make a deal” or “Can we make a deal” or other versions of this which lead to ‘Double Dealing’ which frame Tyner Group and Tyner Group Limited and its Founder (Director), Ian Tyner, negatively and in an unwarranted manner, and are in relation to failed state architectural cloning strategy, are dealt with the furthest extent of the Five Senses law, and the legal jurisdiction where the Five Senses resides.

Acts against humanity with respect to freedom of prosperity

There are limits to the forceful limiting of prosperous times for humans and their humanity; this poses a difficult quandary for understanding what fair competition is in a globalised world. But when there are non stop acts against a human or humanity, then caution must be taken for future prosperities, and is why this scenario, must be noted, when dealing with complex social interactions.

Tyner Group position on deep fake(s)

Deep fakes are abhorrently wrong when they are wrong, and is why the use of deep fakes by Tyner Group never happens. The definition of a deep fake for Tyner Group is: an alternate reality, or alternate history, which creates a false narrative, to preserve false ideologies, that pre-historically, were balanced in power through traditional media and justice arms of professional existence.

The Five Senses jurisdiction clarification

  • The Five Senses (United Kingdom, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Seychelles, New Zealand, Australia)
  • Fairlight Village
  • Fairlight
  • Manly Warringah
  • Northern Beaches
  • New South Wales
  • Australia
  • The Five Senses
  • United States Of America
  • The Five Senses

 Further Amendments was added to this Legal Statement on February 10, 2022.

AIP was elaborated on on February 13, 2022.

Tyner Group’s interpretation of the cloud was defined on February 13, 2022.

: REIT :

Tyner Group Virtual Court Networking Legalese

Legally, the Tyner Group Virtual Court is an in-between system between other jurisdictions and their governments. Because of how virtual courts work, interexchange is how everything works. Cooperation between clerks, secretaries, juries, judges and other tradespeople and servicepeople, and others, is essential, so that each Tyner Group case, whether it be an inquiry or lawsuit, can be heard accordingly and deliberated upon, not just from the Tyner Group Virtual Court perspective. The real interesting thing about virtual courts is that they save not just time, but also innocents. If perpetrators and victims are held accountable by their true identity, in completion. Why virtual courts are necessary as part of the international legal system, is that sometimes, there is no other option for judgement, and in some instances, there is a zero percent chance of victory, even if there is unbelievable evidence, which has been verified. And, in some cases, a network that was supposed to be a security net, becomes an individual’s worst nightmare, and there are no alliances, outside of networks which can not be included in legality for other legal reasons.

Square Shape Connector Milestone Board

H(st), I(super), L(phase), T(play)

This four step milestone process is the next degree in Tyner Group’s framing understanding, beginning in 2022. It does not frame individuals, but does frame conceptual data, so that Tyner Group continues to improve upon information that was framed without the consent of Tyner Group, with regards to “applications” made by Ian Tyner which gave consent unknowingly to other “applications.” This four step milestone process is designed to negate those connections from a conceptual standpoint, so that Tyner Group can continue in its quest, while better understanding how to not have to be casted without due process.

The Legalese and Board sections, were included February 19, 2022.

Insight Blog Legalities

The blog posts on the Insight Blog written by Ian Tyner (all blog posts), on (, for Tyner Group, are considered to be legal documentations, in different varieties, even if they appear to be media, although, these are intellectual property of Tyner Group, intangibles, legal disclosures, and legal, which can be labeled in classifications, under ‘New Media’, if larger audiences are needed to be reached.

Tyner Group Legal Framework

The Tyner Group Legal Framework, is comprised of online components found on this website (, which all together, when analysed either together (i.e. read cover to cover), or in part, form°, the Tyner Group Legal Framework. This framework is a legal foundation to support the Tyner Group and Tyner Group Limited and Ian Tyner, place in law.

The Insight Blog Legalities and Tyner Group Legal Framework sections, were included February 20, 2022.

The Tyner Family Name

In regards to Ian Tyner’s last name, Tyner, which represents the brand, Tyner Group, this unfortunately is not inclusive of foreign entitlements which degrade histories for the wrong reasons and that do not intersect eventually with other last (family) names because of how actual origination works, which does not necessarily mean that a given last family name always applies to this.

Identification Public Profile

When most people think of a public profile, it includes a need to know list of characteristics, and not private information. For users which respect the profile of Ian Tyner, they also can share this feature for their own private details, within their respective profile, and the public profiles which also protect their identity.

Contractual Education

When a student signs up to take a course, or enrol, when concerning the Tyner Group instance, there is no requirement to be a part of programs which they do not want to be a part of, and that they never signed up for, and if there is mismanagement of this rule, then substantive legal action can take place by Tyner Group against guilty parties.

Assumptions Of Org Law

Org law is where some theories arise as to who or what did what, and what should happen as a result of those decisions. For Tyner Group, org law, has to understand that the human resources of Ian Tyner are ultimately controlled by no-one, not even himself, and this is why, his relationships are privatised, and never to be assumed as being otherwise, because of how certain realities have taken place, to do with his reputation, and non factual “history” propagation, which is now history, and stays as such, for as long as the wheels of time continue to advance, as opposed to how rewritten history reduction professorship has almost reduced real events, to being assumptions represented with no truth, and no witnesses.

The Tyner Group Historicalities sections, were included May 21, 2022.

Reimaging Legality

Reimaging of one’s own intellectual property is considered legal by Tyner Group for exterior outfits, if the product is a derivative, which does tail, the image, that is by that same owner. Reimaging is illegal in all circumstances if the derivative product is about one’s product and not owned by oneself. Reimaging, as far as Tyner Group goes is not allowed, because of how, in the long term, there are complications, every time, with any consideration of any type of derivative, and is why derivatives aren’t really derivatives, when reimaging is used as a process.

The Barcelona Plaza Conundrum

When the corners are cut from a square, rectangle, or even rhombus, many new interactions can happen. If there are too many interactions, then the cut corners, do not even have to be used (from a walkable city perspective for example). For Tyner Group’s use case application, it can be said that reading everything in a certain way inside of this portal, could be more beneficial than shifting lenses, but may not be the case, but worth thinking about from a legal standpoint.

Geographic Intellectual Property

Each location on Earth is composed of an intellectual property, which is composed of further intellectual properties. The importance of not overlaying one location with another, or multiple locations with another, or another with multiple locations, or multiple locations with multiple locations is important, so that the laws of intellectual property of a location stay intact, and that there is less confusion in a court of law.

Evanston Immunity

Some might say that immunity is not possible in today’s world. The reality is that after the fact, if you contribute a certain way (being the reader of this destination on the web), to the world, and if, in a situation, where you know, as an individual, and at least, one other person who shares your heritage, also knows, through an unspeakable understanding about a truth, about this contribution, then if there is a lack of comprehension within a legal audience for other rationalistic motives, then Evanston Immunity can be used as a provisionment for not justification, but for the right to have the ability to pose a motion to start and engage in a worthwhile discussion to move a case forward.

The Tyner Group Geographicalogics sections, were included May 21, 2022.

Ian Tyner, His Enterprises & Mail Fraud Perpetrated Against Him

When mail fraud is concerned, Ian Tyner and his proprietary organisation, Tyner Group Limited, have a zero tolerance policy against mail fraud. This is because of how mail fraud works over time. The reason why mail fraud is pro slavery against certain individuals, is because it is a continuous process of disabling success. Mail fraud can seem innocent, but can really inhibit societal progress, around the world. As a postmaster, Ian Tyner, knows what the right ethics to do with letter correspondence are, and how to prevent future mail fraud, through his international financial entrepreneurial history. Visitors be warned, please take caution about mail fraud. Thanks, and beware of too much heavy lifting, if you are a victim of life long mail fraud.

Ian Tyner, His Enterprises & Mail Fraud Perpetrated Against Him section was granted to his audience, in full, on June 14, 2022.

Conspiracy Justice When Concerning Blueprinting On Economic Engineering

As time passes, century after century, and a matrix of conspiracy is wielded upon economics, when the current state of affairs is concerned, on how most systems work; in capitalism; then analysing blueprinting has to be focused on for legal rationale. Teal as a original choice for Tyner Group’s representation of graphic illustration, shows that after certain theories are analysed about how economic engineering works from a dream, to execution, there has to be careful attention payed to as why some civilisations missed the mark, earlier, and why some buildings were destined to be a specific way. The metaphor for literacy of design, is displayed in this Legal Statement, so that honesty can prevail in a court of law, when a massive deception is in play, and when it is not.

Conspiracy Justice When Concerning Blueprinting On Economic Engineering as a section, was shared, June 15, 2022.

Gambling And Gaming Leaderboard Parity For Other “Symmetric” Organisations Of The Scoring Of Law “Degrees”

Some organisations prefer to use leaderboards as opposed to boxes for their computation of law. At Tyner Group although leaderboards are considered very attractive, they have no purpose or functionality for scoring, in a non gambling fashion. Intellectual property and gaming don’t really go hand in hand, because of how movement works, apart from motion picture IP, i.e. This is essentially why parity of non criminal activity is important to highlight for Tyner Group, because of how the interpretation of information which many experts know as holding certain numerical value is perceived, but in their reality has some other meaning which amazes professionals not involved in crime networks. Law “Degrees” which are awarded to lawyers for various reasons including legal challenges which mostly are dealt with without the consent of the other parties acceptance of that bet (from Tyner Group’s experience), may or may not hold any real relevance to taxi cab doctors abroad, and their students of law, which is why again, elite professionals have to take note on how gambling and gaming is typically a harmful combination when concerning intellectual property and health.

Gambling And Gaming Leaderboard Parity For Other “Symmetric” Organisations Of The Scoring Of Law “Degrees” as a section, was shared, June 15, 2022.

The Cosmic Egg And Its Proprietary Folklore With How Tyner Group Understands The IP World

When the Cosmic Egg was devised through proper, legal, clear thought management by Ian Tyner, that architectural design held a different meaning than Ian thought. Which created a large institutional problem, not for Tyner Group, but for the affiliations which had a foreign stake in another version of another version of the Cosmic Egg, which is unknown to most traditional and non guilty architects globally. This is why the intellectual property of the Cosmic Egg has to be known as being protected by Tyner Group to protect nature and that conservation of the Earth.

The Cosmic Egg And Its Proprietary Folklore With How Tyner Group Understands The IP World was clarified for histories, on June 16, 2022.

Cage Theory In Regards To Violence Of “Nether” Regions (Blogger Discretion Advised)

If you were in a cage theory, what would you do? Probably not know what to do legally, unless of course, all Tyner Group Limited had to do was legally share why a cage theory is a disrespectful form of life.

Cage Theory In Regards To Violence Of “Nether” Regions (Blogger Discretion Advised) was discretioned on, June 16, 2022.

‘AKAI MPC’ Series Of “Music Machines”, The Culture, The IP, And Why This Matters To You

When Ian Tyner started using the AKAI MPC which was purchased thrice, through legitimate means, that was a remarkable learning experience. What transgressed through clean, vinyl, sample based music production, was a lot of fun, and a lot of fraud on top of Tyner Group Limited. The music industry couldn’t really be a better thing to be a part of, but sometimes, the landscape changes, because of complexities involving hearing loss, and audio gain.

‘AKAI MPC’ Series Of “Music Machines”, The Culture, The IP, And Why This Matters To You section, was added, on June 17, 2022.

Global Academic Journaling, “IT Repository” And Where Tyner Group’s Intellectual Property Fits In

Universities and colleges are where the greatest minds of tomorrow are trained in being the leaders for solving the world’s biggest problems. With the likes of a syllabus, textbook, class, etc. and especially in areas like academic writing, intellectual property has to be focused on. This is because of how illegal repositories like the vintage “IT Repository” works in representing falsified and computerised non original journaling of data from Ian Tyner, from places like Tyner Group and It is essential to remember that with the right codex and organisational structure, this type of infringement can be avoided, for other educational verticals, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Global Academic Journaling, “IT Repository” And Where Tyner Group’s Intellectual Property Fits In was revealed, on June 17, 2022.

The Atlas Sculpture As An Asset And The “Holding Up The Art World” Motif, A Sailor Story

When Ian Tyner owned a charcoaly coloured lawn ornament sculpture of an atlas figure, and then dripped paint on that creation, through his own work and ideology, and this masterwork of art was transported from his home abroad, to London, a whole new trophy legend system was made. Ian Tyner does not know where Atlas is, and the thing about this piece of artwork, is that the intangible value for Tyner Group and its storybook, is phenomenal.

The Atlas Sculpture And The “Holding Up The Art World” Motif, A Sailor Story was sold, on June 17, 2022.

Fashion “Shore” Aesthetics And Why Certain Threads Should Be Quarantined For AIP And Ian Tyner Line(s)

The peculiar part about some fashion techniques used in the “Shore”, is that the Artifice Intelligent Property (AIP) does emboss inside the threads of clothes which are either owned by the individual, Ian Tyner, through his own means, or were clothed through his DNA on a proprietary timeline. Certain threads from clothes which have disappeared for unsolved reasons, have to be quarantined by average people, and their favourite programmes.

Fashion “Shore” Aesthetics And Why Certain Threads Should Be Quarantined For AIP And Ian Tyner Line(s) section, was added, June 18, 2022.

“The World’s Columbian Exposition” And How “Chicago Days” As A Model Can Not Represent True Media Intellectual Properties

Installations inside of what became Chicago for a brief period of time, changed the way the South Side printed the paper. “The World’s Columbian Exposition” encountered a tiny amount of critique for unglamorous details, and what did happen, is that the intellectual properties of most Chicago medias which did in fact stay true, have been judged for far too long, which is how “The World’s Columbian Exposition” is a great example of where intellectual property goes wrong, and where it goes right.

“The World’s Columbian Exposition” And How “Chicago Days” As A Model Can Not Represent True Media Intellectual Properties section, was shown, on June 21, 2022.

Telecommunications Intangibility Clause

Spectrum of Tyner Group is a fascinating type of information technology (IT), which boggles intellectual property and intangible experts, and is why certain organisations owned and operated by only Ian Tyner, Director, are known to other telecom companies, which is why the airwaves for Tyner Group are friendly and our customers are also known to be completely compliant in their own mobile, internet, computer, tablet, device, et cetera, fields of actionability and thinking processes (after they comprehend all Tyner Group Limited intellectual properties) and the IP of Tyner Group’s technological stack related to telecommunications, when involving his, himself, he, Ian Tyner’s own labour is protected by international, Five Senses, global, and United Kingdom law.

Telecommunications Intangibility Clause was added on, June 21, 2022.

Tyner Group Legal Statement Art

Hong Kong | The Five Senses | Tyner Group

Special considerations can be taken into account regarding the Five Senses and Hong Kong, mainly to expand Sino–Asian-Commonwealth–”Et. Cetera” coastal relations in far away places. The most interesting thing about this relationship is that because of unities which spread across cultures and form singular societal benefactor sciences, that encourage innovation in new specific fields; some known, and some not, the industrial market for competition and free marketing brings new light into amazing new geographies.

Hong Kong | The Five Senses | Tyner Group was added on, August 9, 2022.

“THAT’S A GAFFE” AN IMAGE BY IAN TYNER And “That’s a gaffe” an image by Ian Tyner

Apolitical gains is what Ian (me) is historically, at the beginning, doing. For political figures, it is important to consider upper case and lower case and mid case signature writing theories, such as this, and others, provisioned by Tyner Group Limited.

“THAT’S A GAFFE” AN IMAGE BY IAN TYNER And “That’s a gaffe” an image by Ian Tyner section was provisioned on August 14, 2022.

Ian Tyner (Me) Is The Publisher And The Writer And The Designer And Everything Else To Do With Tyner Group Clarification

Because of how the “Editor” position was acquired at the cost of noone named Ian Tyner, because of appropriation by “affiliates”, who may or may not be actual Editors, I have to clarify on my Legal Statement, that I am not anything, but the worker behind, *almost everything to do with this web; but there is another caveat. I wrote everything, and designed everything, and published every, time- using my proprietary professional title, I created called: ‘Primary Design.’

Ian Tyner (Me) Is The Publisher And The Writer And The Designer And Everything Else To Do With Tyner Group Clarification section was added on August 15, 2022.

Medical Coercion And Pyramid Scheming For Business Models By Ian Tyner

When medical conditions are pushed onto a seemingly vulnerable individual each time they become successful, i.e. in entrepreneurship, then the pyramid scheming of a disease continues. Because Ian Tyner is owner of a proprietary health programme in regards to the Five Senses and variable historicalities, his entrepreneurial activity remains private like his medical record, and all datas associated with his wellbeing are monetised through the Tyner Group Law Programme.

Medical Coercion And Pyramid Scheming For Business Models By Ian Tyner was added on August 16, 2022.

Econometrx By Tyner Group Limited

“Geodon”. What an interesting pharmaceutical, unless of course, the course changes into a new world as of recently, as designed. Geodon is a usecase which Econometrx by Tyner Group Limited has developed for its proprietary usage, and it is interesting to know, that with some verticals of Tyner Group, like the digital medicine market which was originated from this website along with other org designs, the economics of Tyner Group do make sense, and now the audience of this Legal Statement can also be aware that the Five Senses, is in the cents business.

Econometrx By Tyner Group Limited confirmed on August 16, 2022.

What Is A Cookie?

Cookies come in different shapes and sizes, just like illegal black books which can contain knowledge about those cookies. A cookie designed by Tyner Group and Ian Tyner on the internet, never happened. What did happen is that via compliant blogging, other movies were made in regards to who came up with the entire cookie infrastructure in tech. Of course there are foreign entity cookies on the Tyner Group web, but I never came up with a cookie. Proprietary cookie adoption by Tyner Group Limited, is where legally Tyner Group LO (Law Organization) can help you in your own webdesign compliance, if you have the right sitemap.

What Is A Cookie? clarified on August 16, 2022.

Mono On Monopolised Theory & Matrixes Via Tyner Group

Solo operations are not symmetric with mono on monopolised theories. Just realising that something looks monotone, does not really mean that that thing can be symmetrical with rough edges of mathematics. Matrixes via Tyner Group is another scientifical homage in a way, and also an original maths theoretical that is used throughout excercises like law, to preserve interactivities amongst cross pollinative startup thinking like agile.

Mono On Monopolised Theory & Matrixes Via Tyner Group clarified on August 16, 2022.

Tyner Group Supply Chain Intellectual Properties

Since I was a garage sales and antique “dealer”, but actually an online auction sales expert, the intellectual property landscape has changed. Using eBay first in my environment, then developing a side micro warehousing program glocally, began my real entrepreneurial online activities. As a result, the account that I created has been creating unique intellectual property in accordance with both the ‘L@@K’ marketing provisionment, and the imagery which was taken through my own devices. As such, the supply chains and their intellectual properties are shifting in value, just like the markets which Tyner Group has and does create.

Tyner Group Supply Chain Intellectual Properties added on August 18, 2022.

“Data Matching (æ)”

Tyner Group Limited has never data matched and learned about what data matching is through social media; this is the reason why social media has an interesting spatial location in libraries of quotations, in law, legal, legalities, .ie.

“Data Matching (æ)” added on August 18, 2022.

New Media: verified photographic image of Ian Tyner (Micro) • verified photographic image of Ian Tyner (Macro)Photo 1 of Ian

Media: Photo 1 (VIEWAGE) of Ian Tyner:

Tyner Group SANI

In accordance with international health regulations, Tyner Group SANI, is an important clause for Tyner Group Limited, as the sanitation issue that most people thought was eradicated from Earth, centuries ago, in certain parts of the developed world, isn’t true. It is also important for everyone involved with enriching their own lives, to become aware about sanitation, and how that can improve their respective lives.

Tyner Group SANI was confirmed on August 20, 2022.

How Does Historical ‘Truman Show” Scientologies And Their Creationisms Exist?

When producers create their movies, sometimes they watch individuals not involved in that industry or Hollywood to learn about how their past happened, and how to repeat phrases like, “We have it architected.” This is a dangerous truthism which can provoke false narratives and is why some critics of the “Truman Show” and their laws, do in fact live in a very different universe, of law.

How Does Historical ‘Truman Show” Scientologies And Their Creationisms Exist? added on August 20, 2022.

What Makes An Architect And Their Apprentice

If an architecture holds no meaning by the architect(s) which designed it, and there is no way to understand any implication of the architecture that was designed by that person or persons, by that person or persons, then that architecture is not an architecture; Ian Tyner did architect his life to be where it is yesterday, today and tomorrow, and Tyner Group is an architecture, that I’m happy to discuss and explain about, in respect to legalities.

What Makes An Architect And Their Apprentice clarified on August 20, 2022.

Communications Telephonies Activation Monodualistic

For what purpose does someone either activate or use a telephonic line? Usually and almost always, and certainly, for Tyner Group, for communication. The monodualistic theorem which is coined through Tyner Group Limited (London), shows that even if there are scores of interaction that does not involve what two party communication program that is used historically, the method and rationale of why that piece of technology is in a home or business, is for communication.

Communications Telephonies Activation Monodualistic was made a law, on this day, August 20, 2022.

Advertizement Bidding Procurement

With each advertizement; a theorem, which is just pure marketing, visitors of this web, ‘automatically’ bid with their mind in a way, which is a normal user interface (UI) process to do, but with the rise of “Partner” networks, ad bidding has to be legislated as such.

Advertizement Bidding Procurement confirmed on August 20, 2022.

Tyner Group Markets & Options “Legal”

When options are figured out in trading, traders think they have the only spot in the ‘market.’ Options in Tyner Group Markets do exist, but traders have to trade at their own discretion.

Tyner Group Markets & Options “Legal” clarified on August 20, 2022.

«Method» Acting

Ian Tyner is not an actor, or an actress. What did happen in this life by me, is that on occasion there are immediate (instant) digital versions of what I do, and how I sound. Which is not a dilemma for AIP (Artifice Intelligent Property) by Tyner Group, but a legal quandary for the distributors who engage in those visual and audio experiences.

«Method» Acting manifested on August 21, 2022.

Why Are Covers And The Cover And Covering Considered Legal In Some Jurisdictions?

There are different types of definitions regarding what a cover is, in the Five Senses, the definition of a cover has to do with the interpretation of a guitar rendition of another song, which isn’t really illegal, historically speaking. But, the truth of the matter is that in public relations, covering in most other forms° never works out for the independent musician, and many other industries as well.

Why Are Covers And The Cover And Covering Considered Legal In Some Jurisdictions? defined on August 21, 2022.

Abbreviations Can Be Misconstrued If There Are Formative Genetic Cross-Dressing Real Estate Projections Involved With ‘Redistricting’

An abbreviation is a good thing from a legal standpoint, but if there are multiple cases of redistricting involving real estate, then an abbreviation has to be questioned, just like the complete variation of that meaning.

Abbreviations Can Be Misconstrued If There Are Formative Genetic Cross-Dressing Real Estate Projections Involved With ‘Redistricting’ added on August 21, 2022.

Mobile Device Embedded Network Certification

There are certain instances of certification which does not involve anyone, but the customer. Also, there are typologies involving pre-borne programming, which is an issue, if you’re involved in technology. This has begetted legal clarification, for consumer rights, and how Tyner Group perceives factory settings, and their production lines.

Mobile Device Embedded Network Certification clarified on August 21, 2022.

“Rap Genius” & ‘Rap God’ & ‘Hot Boy’ | Product Placement In Regards To Ian Tyner & Tyner Group Limited

It is illegal for cyclic “Rap Genius” foreigners to (own) another human in relation to any intellectual property and Ian Tyner and Tyner Group Limited, because of how human rights are instilled within intellectual properties.

“Rap Genius” & ‘Rap God’ & ‘Hot Boy’ | Product Placement In Regards To Ian Tyner & Tyner Group Limited was legislated on August 23, 2022.

Gutenberg & The Printing Press In Respect To Free Speech In The Americas

Translations of what exactly happened in respect to Gutenberg and the printing press, could explain what happened with free speech in the Americas. Or it is possible that there is another opinion about free speech, like the one that Tyner Group Limited (Tyner Group) has, because of the manner in which writing styles, and idioms like cursive developed in early education; that paved the way for intellectual property development, worldwide, and the law.

Gutenberg & The Printing Press In Respect To Free Speech In The Americas was clarified on August, 23, 2022.

Francįa | The Five Senses | Tyner Group

Visiting France is splendid, if you like travel and tourism. Many pleasant memories about Europe can be had if you know the right places. Which is why Francįa is an additional location within the Five Senses. And if you’re looking for a surfing adventure, on the web, and on the waves, of even the big wave, look no further then Biarritz. Also, there are places like Toulouse and Paris who offer more than meets the eye. Tyner Group has established trade links in Francįa and invites you to learn about their culture, and their intellectual property symposiums.

Francįa | The Five Senses | Tyner Group added August 23, 2022.

Letter Insertion Without Consent

In technology, insertion of a letter, without consent (“rerape mirrorology”), which means: that a person, individual or human, or whoever is writing on a keyboard connected to a computer, “types” a letter, or symbol, and in reality did not ever type that “mark” into their computer, that is a conflict of interests, within other jurisdictions, primarily. Knowing where you are, seems evident, but geofencing can be limitive if there are pro accessibility functions and mirage “crutch” symbologies, themselves.

Letter Insertion Without Consent clarified on August 23, 2022.

Link Bait And Startup Foundry Angel Investing “Wire” Fraud

Where did the money come from? A good question in business, a better question in startups. As a founder, who understands angel investing, “wire” fraud looks like a credit issue typically, and also like a debt issue always. Founders who are in the upscaling process: do know what the money that you’re using is, and the implications for fraud and “wire” fraud, which may not be noticeable to the seasoned business professional or startup thinker; the internet and Tyner Group and its web, are clean networks, and the provisionment of its AIP, is proof that no fraud in life, may or may not be possible in today’s challenging work climate.

Link Bait And Startup Foundry Angel Investing “Wire” Fraud clarified on August 23, 2022.

Åzerbajan | The Five Senses | Tyner Group

Museums can appreciate artifacts collected from abroad and domestically. There are certain objects in the world which remain in custody of places like Åzerbajan; the reason why Tyner Group is committed to their transportation milestones and their agricultural markets. Together with the right non profit and NGO and MMN (Micro Multi National) collaboration the yields of Eastern and Western museum based education can enhance the greater good for Åzerbajan and the Five Senses and Tyner Group.

Åzerbajan | The Five Senses | Tyner Group made into a law on August 24, 2022.

«The Public Trial of Boston Witchscare of Immigrants» Directed by Ian Tyner | Concessions Studios | Tyner Group | AIP | London

Ian Tyner is a Director. Of a company, companies, and professionally speaking, I direct things; like orgs, and sometimes if futuristics, movies. And I’m not really a Hollywood director. «The Public Trial of Boston Witchscare of Immigrants» is an AIP (Artifice Intelligent Property), I directed, which has many other renditions involving perpetrators of their own crimes, in regards to intellectual property, law, and Tyner Group & Tyner Group Limited. There are scores of big directors in the film business, in “Hollywood” and elsewhere. This clarification needs to be made, because of how, my, business development has developed, because of foreign “legal” requirements, which aren’t really legal, when you think about who really, wrote, that piece of writing; ie., apolitical discourses, of entertainment, like: «The Public Trial of Boston Witchscare of Immigrants».

«The Public Trial of Boston Witchscare of Immigrants» Directed by Ian Tyner | Concessions Studios | Tyner Group | AIP | London was added on August 30, 2022.

Localization & Localisation Rights (L&LR) By Tyner Group Limited (UK)

As there are different location, location, location proverbs associated with web properties and their virtual counterparts, like the ones that I created via primary design, and are also associated with Tyner Group (Limited), corporations should take note about (L&LR).

Localization & Localisation Rights (L&LR) By Tyner Group Limited (UK) was clarifed on September 5, 2022.

Chicago Innovators, Inventors, Originators A La Watchmaking

The interesting part about Chicago, Illinois, is their watchmaking industry. Without Chicago, many watches would not exist in other parts of the world. For this reason, the intellectual property rights of these innovators, inventors, originators, should be noted, by other jurisdictions, for innovation design, and IP.

Chicago Innovators, Inventors, Originators A La Watchmaking added on September 5, 2022.

Histories About “HOOKER” & The Rugby Positions

It is worth mentioning that sometimes in history classes, there are positions not studied like the “HOOKER” position (rugby), and if this is the case, then foreign leagues can commission their own rosters, with too many “HOOKER” positions. For Ian Tyner and Tyner Group Limited, human resources has to be privatised, just like this Legal Statement, for professional employment rationale.

Histories About “HOOKER” & The Rugby Positions confirmed on September 5, 2022.

Real Estate “COURT” And The Tyner Group Virtual Court Case Programme

When real estate is concerned, there are buildings which do have their own respective laws, which is why the distinction between the Tyner Group Virtual Court, and “brick and mortar” “COURT” residence, commercials, and industries, has to be explained within this Legalese.

Real Estate “COURT” And The Tyner Group Virtual Court Case Programme explained on September 5, 2022.

Colour Oranjgkze By Ian Tyner

The Colour Oranjgkze is designed as an overlap, because of how certain foreign profile avatars have been used inappropriately, in regards to the colour organje. Colour Oranjgkze is different and does improve the colour space for Tyner Group and that audience, when promoting anything to do with a personal identity, like what happens on social networking platforms, and not blogs.

Colour Oranjgkze By Ian Tyner added on September 10, 2022.

Balcony Garden Divestable Related Rights And Topping Vegetation Economics

Balconies are not used that often in modern times, however, the space can be valuable for divestabilities and their gardens, a rationale why their related rights have to be noted for vegetation economics and the laws associated with the food industries that do topping marketing and ‘topping’ cooking.

Balcony Garden Divestable Related Rights And Topping Vegetation Economics revealed on September 10, 2022.

‘||’ & ‘L’ Variative “LINE” Tyner Group Limited Law

‘||’ & ‘L’ is a solutive for the Tyner Group Limited Law Programme, and can be interpreted in various ways, from an English perspective, and a British perspective and a Great Britain and United Kingdom and London and Covent Garden perspective: law.

‘||’ & ‘L’ Variative “LINE” Tyner Group Limited Law clarified on September 10, 2022.


The intersection of a place like Barcelona, with other places like Boston, and even Buenos Aires, or Sydney and Illinois, is interesting if you are trying to understand what kind of map you either exist in, designed, or are managed by. The overlap of a map on another map is where Paraspheres primary designed by Ian Tyner & Tyner Group, gets interesting again. The locations in a Paraspheres mindmap change, and the further changes in those coordinates are in fact greater than what can be percieved by an individual and shows that some places are unique and some are not when looking at them, side by side from a touristics and travel and real estate finance pro lookable.

Paraspheres lawed on September 10, 2022.

:: Libraries ::

Keycharacter Input And Output On Proprietary Data

It is illegal within Tyner Group Limited and Tyner Group intellectual properties for foreign individuals, computers, entities, to engage in falsifying public and private proprietary data which was authored only by Ian Tyner, on his web, through what the IP industry knows about as being character replacement, and forgery for instant and future “proprietary” lenses of proprietary data, with portions of information like all of the information that is available on this internet, and the internets connected to other internets. When thinking about a keyboard, and a missing character, and search engine optimisation, keycharacter input and output is gold. For those that cannot read or write in a certain language, then they usually result in the following action: artificial intelligence retrieval and medically criminal activity involving language. Tyner Group like any other business who provides their own data as a service and in this case, also as an intellectual property holding offering, knows that with the right education in technology and the sciences, innovation can thrive in new language development, in law, and in communication.

Keycharacter Input And Output On Proprietary Data was established as a law on September 24, 2022.

Light Framing |:|


Tyner Group REscripture For Legal Rationale By Ian Tyner

Weather Management By Tyner Group Internationale

VisualisationL (VL:)

Ian Tyner (me) Taking An Imagery To Provision The Identity I Am For Verification Globally

Collectible Private Collections Intellectual Property Over Time

Entertainment As A Service (EAAS) & Why Tyner Group Limited And Tyner Group Are Not Entertainers

Cannibalism On IP: The Inside Stories Of Who Architected “Org” And Where Ian Tyner Is A Primary Designer

Reasons Of What Cults Do In Law

Sexual Harassment, Ethics, Business And Gender Formse°

Body Mutilation, Cymatics, Tyner Group Limited Lawfulness

All Angularisations

Breadcrumb Anthropologies

Up And Down Motivational Speakers For Hire And Why I’m Not At All Connected With That HR

Intellectual Property, Education, Principalities, ‘Rape Circle’, Framing, & Who Ian Tyner Really Is: Do When Convenient Review This Legal Statement (And Verify For Your Own Identifications And Purposes)

Tyner Group Legal Statement Brief Update :: September 25, 2022.

The Singularity, ‘The Truman Show’, Monoculture, Multiverses, And This Universe, And Other Universes Not Created by Me (Ian Tyner) : Founder & Director of Tyner Group and Tyner Group Limited of London, UK (United Kingdom)

As history has been shown, I did not create the entire universe and was on ‘trial’ for other individual’s crimes, which then did catalyse a part of my own life into creating a Universe legal clause for Tyner Group.

Some people believe that they created the entire universe and own that existence, and some people think that they are in their own universe.

Multiverse theory isn’t that popular in mass, like monoculture because of how certain societies and cultures exist themselves.

Architecting a life through something like ‘The Truman Show’ seems remarkable, but that foray into architecture is usually filled with follies and lies.

The Singularity, ‘The Truman Show’, Monoculture, Multiverses, And This Universe, And Other Universes Not Created by Me (Ian Tyner) : Founder & Director of Tyner Group and Tyner Group Limited of London, UK (United Kingdom) was made into a law on September 26, 2022.

The Tyner Group Legal Statement || Engineering : Edition

“Crack House” Engineering Labeling

It is very interesting, that you might think one thing about where you live, in terms of appearance, and design. And then everything changes, and the engineering labeling surrounding that reality is really something else. This is why labelling anything isn’t anything but a good thing, if you have cautionary measures, which are explicit, at an early developmental stage, and not too late in the engineering procession (in regards to cog, recognitions, memories, and life success).

Race Mediation, Creation & Understanding

Being taught about the correct things involving race are important for many people, and do involve learning about who other people actually are on occasion, and not. When we’re talking nuclei “pure” theory, about the topic which is the best, and public relations, then if societal populations decide, not genetically, or based on appearance, about who they are through complex mediations themselves, then, their own respective genes and what they appear to look like, not on a timeline, but in a mirror, result in the creation of a new race. Tyner Group as stated already, is not involved in race, but understanding who becomes whom, in the case of large swaths of “individuals” who all think exactly the same, this kind of race, can be called: mindrace. In terms of intellectual property, identifying what this customer requires, as far as organisation, and areas like historical clarification can cure many human related issues that global and international non governmental organisations themselves can never fathom about, and Tyner Group can assist with, legally.

Yan Tyner

Yan Tyner is a law in itself, not to alter the identity of Ian Tyner (Ian), but to allow certain new mathematics to exist, so that in the case of writing and communication, Ian Tyner (I), can better express himself, in difficult scenarios, which involve a saturation of one method of writings and communications.

Virtual Economic Real Estate With Tyner Group

Virtual real estate isn’t anything new in the world, but as I established my own understanding of real estate, Tyner Group Limited (Tyner Group) devised, RE, for its Virtual Real Estate (VRE), prefixual, additive for the web and the internet, and if you would like to learn further about this type of economic value creation, then comprehending not just this Legal Statement, and the related Privacy Policy, but also other parts of this web, could be of value for enriching new webs, and help in the expansion of what can be called space.

The Tyner Group Legal Statement || Engineering : Edition was confirmed on September 27, 2022.


Artę Law : via Tyner Group | The Five Senses Archaepoli | Palindrome°

Video Games, Special Cases, And Why Professionals Design Games, And Tyner Group Isn’t In One

Playing video games, is one thing, designing an entire video game is a dream for many programmers and gamers. For me, I am not a video game designer, and I don’t live in a video game, and in terms of intellectual property, as for Tyner Group, I am concerned about video game IPR° ethics and compliance, because of what happens when “players” get too ‘deep’ in their respective game, which I do not know about.

Video Games, Special Cases, And Why Professionals Design Games, And Tyner Group Isn’t In One as a section on this Legal Statement, was confirmed on October 2, 2022.

Tax Fraud Clause In Regards To Ian Tyner And Tyner Group Limited & Tyner Group

Tax law is as complex as you might think. For Tyner Group Limited (Ian Tyner), its companies (also by me), orgs, jurisdiction(s), entities, intellectual property, and the identity of Tyner Group IPR°(s), are part of that dot matrix.

Tax Fraud Clause In Regards To Ian Tyner And Tyner Group Limited & Tyner Group was added to this Legal Statement October 2, 2022.

Written Words Like On This Statement Are More Legal Than Voice: This Is Why

Static proof, does prove law better, than motion, and is why the writer of this Legal Statement (Ian Tyner: Me) and organisations related to this online document, can explain the manner in which, for digital law, and virtual courts, written words, are more provable, than voice.

Written Words Like On This Statement Are More Legal Than Voice: This Is Why verified as a law to this Legal Statement on October 2, 2022.

Globalinterjuris Website (RE)Structurisation

As a blog is a website, and a phone number can be required by law in some jurisdictions, telecommunications did play a part in the creation of the internet, like the business card, and the foundry of Tyner Group (Ian Tyner), has created the following (RE)Structurisation:

Pre: Website (Internet) Comms Network Distro
Mid: Website (Blog) Marketing Net Dev
Post: Website (Blogware) Organisation Network Development

Globalinterjuris Website (RE)Structurisation was orged, on October 14, 2022 via Primary Design°.



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