Dissecting Extraction

There are a multitude of reasons why it can be difficult to properly get the actual value out of an intangible asset. This may be because of the inability to quantify what really is its worth, or that it has yet to be deemed as being an intangible.

This becomes a fork in the road. If you don’t know what an intangible is in the future and it is not known the monetary price that someone would pay, then it may as well not exist. However there is a remedy to this problem.

By strategically scenario planning from a forecasting perspective, to better understand how a property might fit into the then established market, and to if possible, compare to other existing intangibles that are for sale, then you can start to dissect exactly what the value extraction level could be.

While it is unknown why certain intellectual properties hold more value then others, have a greater impact then others, and retain resonance for a longer period of time, the nature of what makes a good asset, usually does not change.

This goes back to strategy and outlining where the creator envisions the property going in the next 5-15 years. This time-frame provides enough time for the copyright, trademark or patent to mature, but not too long that it becomes obsolete.

Now, when there is traction of any form, then you know that the asset should be exploited. Whether this is through scaling or exiting, the entrepreneur or corporate has the ability to gain a competitive advantage with their neighboring venture, and begin to accurately reap the benefits of why the item was established and protected to start.

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